Interview: The Faim

February 9, 2019

I absolutely love getting a band in front of my lens that is inches away from their giant break-through. Seeing how they're slowly easing into their role, not yet equipped with blanket statements and practiced responses, and genuinely overwhelmed by how they ended up in their current position. The hype around The Faim and their EP Summer Is A Curse last year has been pretty mind blowing, and it is seemingly all still sinking in for the Australian four-piece. 


I had the chance to speak to guitarist Sam and drummer Linden, who only recently joined the band, ahead of their biggest show yet at The Garage. I tried to extract some updates on their heavily anticipated debut album - albeit without much success... 😄Instead, the boys and I talked about their newly released music video for the latest single Fire, their German fan base and nicknames... 


After this interview, the band delivered a smashing set in front of a fiery audience which supported the band through some initial sound difficulties and remained adoring until the very last song. The young and talented Perth natives are all natural performers and singer Josh is a stand-out frontman with an absolutely unique stage presence and an impressive vocal register. While he is a master at animating the crowd with wild jumps and spazzing body movements, he is equally willing to be incredibly vulnerable, sobbing heart-breakingly into the microphone in the middle of the crowd during Where The River Runs. It's not hard to predict aspiring singers will soon aim to resemble him. 


After seeing The Faim on stage, it is evident that there is no other logical place for them. 2019 will be a massive year for the guys - the world will see soon enough. 




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