Vukovi At The Black Heart

February 11, 2019

Not long now until Vukovi release their second album. The explosive Scottish rock piece played a triumphant, intimate show at The Black Heart in Camden, teasing their fans by playing some brand new songs as well as the favorites, from Animal, La Di Da and Boy George to Wired and my personal winner Prey, only interrupted by a spontaneous jumping rope session in the crowd by singer Janine 🤸‍♀️


What I particularly loved was seeing a huge smile on Janine's face throughout the whole set as a reaction to seeing fans singing every single song back to her. An iconic moment illustrating the power of music happened when Janine descended into the crowd once again to deliver a flawless stripped down rendition of Colour Me In - video proof right here. Vukovi are ready to blow our minds again with the new record - stay tuned for the record, and for my interview with Hamish and Janine, where they share some album spoilers 👀


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