Interview: Vukovi

February 18, 2019


My favorite Scots are back! Ahead of Vukovi's packed, sold-out show at The Black Heart in Camden, I rallied the troops and caught up with Janine and Hamish after our last encounter at The Kerrang! Tour. As the two reveal, they have been working on their second studio album, which promises to be a new milestone in the band's career, with 'poppier but heavier' songs 🙌They also spill the metaphorical beans on a couple of new songs as well as an exciting collaboration 👀


Most notably, Vukovi's brand new single C.L.A.U.D.I.A, basically hot off the press, will have a music video coming out soon and as Janine will tell you, things got a bit rough and rowdy 🤕🐘Other topics we cover are Fyre Festival, the Birdbox Challenge, and sausage rolls... There is also great news regarding their hopelessly sold out shows... Vukovi have just announced a UK tour in May/June so make sure to snatch up those tickets this time! 🔥


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