pronoun at Troxy

February 25, 2019

When I spotted pronoun as support for Mayday Parade across Europe I expected a bubbly just-out-of-high-school pop punk band who sing about wanting to leave their home town and setting things on fire in a Walmart parking lot. I was so intrigued when I found out pronoun is the alias of New York artist and producer Alyse Vellturo who, after years of music college and a successful music production and engineering career, decided to turn emotions over a break-up into song.


The result is the stunning first EP There's noone new around you (referring to the end of Tinder) which has got an airy, fragile indie-rock vibe that's so contagious it made me hit that replay button like there's no tomorrow. Following this was the 2018 release you didn't even make the bed, and for this year pronoun has announced the debut album I'll show you stronger via Sleep Well Records - Alyse's very own record label 🙌


pronoun is an artist that, despite the lowercase spelling and general understated energy, can't be overlooked, especially after her biggest show yet at East London's Troxy. While the band's jumpsuits are reason alone to check out their live set, the performance is lively and heavier than the record, a perfect start into a night of rock, pop and everything in between. just cuz you can't is an instant ear worm, as are run and a million other things which has got even the most determined sadboys and girls boppin' their heads and tappin' their feet along. wrong has got some undeniable potential to be a bedroom-rock anthem and comfort for conflicted emotions and - this is big - it features one of the very rare cases of me actually loving a guitar solo 😅👌


pronoun is an absolute vibe and I'm so glad I got the chance to catch up with Alyse before (and after) the show - her pink Sleep Well beanies are a fashion statement 💁‍♀️😬 My interview will be up soon, and I am left listening to pronoun's latest release stay, and counting down the days until May 24th, the official release date for I'll show you stronger...



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