Interview: Mayday Parade

February 26, 2019

After last Saturday, I am still pinching myself a little bit. Sure, Mayday Parade has been around since my emo beginnings and the Hot Topic phase that followed but I never listened to them as obsessively as other bands. Now I'm finding myself making up for lost times as here I am, jamming their classic first two albums A Lesson In Romantics and Anywhere But Here day in day out, playing the self-titled record up and down, and falling in love with their latest LP Sunnyland and everything else in between. The slogan 'Mayday Parade is an emotion' really hits the nail on the head and for some reason I'm feeling more nostalgic as ever after this night. 


Since over a decade, Mayday Parade have perfectly musically captured the feeling of high-school / university me, ultimately leading to intense waves of nostalgia and other sensations that are hard to pin down. Although I've seen the band for a couple of songs on Warped Tour's Journey's Left Foot Stage last year - before racing over to catch Simple Plan on Journey's Right Foot - I've never seen a full Mayday Parade show, and I don't know why I expected it to be anything less but what a freaking fantastic time it is. Seeing singer Derek Sanders doing his signature spinning move barefoot across Troxy's stage with that vocal style that's so unique to Mayday while guitarist Alex Garcia's brutal shredding is almost a bit too intimidating for a band singing about first loves and heartbreaks, is a joy that's hard to compare.


I had the pleasure of sitting down with Derek and speaking to him about Sunnyland before I had my mind drastically blown by their live show. We talk about the reasons for exploring the theme of nostalgia on the record, as well as lost camcorders and memories from when the band had just started out... (Anyone out there happen to have any old Mayday footage??) My favorite part of the interview has got to be talking about various obscure Halloween costumes and how it almost leads the band to break up every year... 😹As long as that's Mayday Parade's biggest concern, I think I've got at least another decade of incredible music and shows ahead of me to channel my (not really inner) emo into! 




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