The Maine At Kentish Town Forum

April 20, 2019


Anyone who puts out a 6th studio album will know how challenging it is to push themselves creatively while at the same time succeeding commercially. The Maine's latest release You Are Okay is a spectacular achievement. I couldn't believe my ears when I heard the album opener Slip The Noose and was hypnotized throughout the whole record with so many standouts, I Feel It All Over and Heaven, We're Already Here just being a couple of them. 


The Maine exploded into their set at Kentish Town Forum with Numb Without You, smashing out My Best Habit as well as hits from Lovely Little Lonely and singer John McCallaghan was spontaneously joined by a young fan who solo'ed (and nailed) Am I Pretty? - what a goosebump inducing moment 🙏


John McCallaghan is a master of modern emo poetry and You Are Okay is a phenomenal record and nothing short of a triumph for a band that has reached new heights in an era where Warped Tour bands are (slowly but undeniably) wilting.




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