Interview: Charly Bliss

June 4, 2019

Meeting Charly Bliss was pretty much love at first sight. The love they have for each other is equally worthy of adoration and endearment. Sitting down with Eva and Spencer 6 days ahead of their big album release for their second LP Young Enough, we had plenty to talk about... Starting on the very important fact that it is not only record release day, but also Spencer's birthday, we chat about farm-to-table restaurants, blowing their tip jar money on alcohol at Disney World and their obsession of Lorde's Melodrama


We also address heavier subject matter as Eva shares her experience that shaped Young Enough and how the record has helped her feel empowered and in charge. Knowing this burdensome context of the songs and lyrics, it is perhaps even more of a powerful moment to witness the band singing their heart out, screaming from the top of their lungs and dancing like the stage is their own personal dance floor.


To change subjects drastically, we also touch upon the now much meme-fied Charly Bliss Potato, a possible peak of their career and a great mystery in German music journalism... (@ concertnews? Any explanation??) 


Young Enough is out now, a sophomore album packed with melodic indie-pop-rock bangers from front to back that invite to sing and dance and possibly cry along. This record should put Charly Bliss on the map for anyone who hasn't been lucky enough to come across them yet, with the band touring all across The United States, Australia, Canada and Europe again later this year. The fact that music acts as catharsis is very apparent here and to see a band as hard-working and genuinely lovely as Charly Bliss succeed is beyond gratifying. 



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