Interview: Three Days Grace

June 23, 2019

What a pleasure it was to speak to Matt and Brad from Three Days Grace at this year's Download Festival. After plowing through the mud (but luckily keeping our shoes) the guys had a chat with me about German shows (most notably a very sweaty one at Uebel & Gefaehrlich), having Howard Benson and Gavin Brown (note to self: not Hash Brown) produce their incredible new record Outsider and what sound they may or may not like to experiment with on their next album... Although it's safe to say, the next Three Days Grace record will NOT be a reggae album 😅


Mad respect to the band for having delivered their potentially strongest work yet with Outsider, and to Matt for stepping up and absolutely owning his place fronting the band and bringing all of his best qualities to the table. Three Days Grace outranked Van Halen as having the most Number 1's on the Mainstream Rock Songs Charts for a reason. 


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