Interview: Microwave

September 30, 2019



Just when I thought I couldn't love this band any more, they go and deliver one of the best albums of the year. With Death Is A Warm Blanket, and a change to Pure Noise Records, Microwave have once and for all claimed their place in the scene. It's a product of relentless touring and writing and an outpour of raw emotions that shows the band at their best, but noisier and grittier than anything we've previously heard on Much Love and Stovall


Check out this interview with Nathan and Travis as we talk about that Stovall reference in album opener Leather Daddy, and a few other DIAWB songs, including a very wide stretch of the conversation leading to Nate asking Pedialyte to endorse him..., and running into BoJo outside of Primark!


Microwave are on tour right now with Tiny Moving Parts across the UK and Europe and will be touring the US in November with Boston Manor - 1) Go see them, 2) Go get their merch (I treated myself to their best-seller, the flowery long-sleeve... Couldn't resist!) and 3) Go get your hands on one of the most relevant albums this year, the bangin' Death Is A Warm Blanket


GO! 💥

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