Interview: Memphis May Fire

December 11, 2019


When Memphis May Fire put out their album Broken just over a year ago, they knew they were taking quite a significant risk in adopting a more commercial sound as opposed to their 2011 record The Hollow that really put the band on the map. Comments online from their fanbase mentioned the lack of screaming and a less heavy sound in general. However, the band around singer Matty Mullins and guitarist and songwriter Kellen McGregor proved that they've got the ambition to stay true to themselves and write the kind of music that they're proud to be making - whether people like it or not, they're sticking to their guns. I've got nothing but praise for Broken, the Memphis May Fire album that probably resonates the most with me so far.


I was recently invited into the band's tour bus to discuss their work and more, first and foremost their upcoming work with John Feldman for the new record, the most heartbreaking songs off their current album, 'Friendsgiving' and their kebab obsession... And there may or may not be a shot of a digital fish bowl in their bathroom 🐠


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