Interview: Bishop Briggs

December 21, 2019

Very occasionally, but not often, I branch out of my pop-punk/alt rock nook and accidentally discover artists outside of those genres that, for some reason, captivate my soul. Bishop Briggs is one of those artists. I had the immense pleasure of hanging out with the singer ahead of her sold out show in London and talk about her new album CHAMPION


In my interview, she describes this very personal album that is a coming to terms with the end of a relationship as a 'purging of the soul', and a closer look at the songs on the record shows us why that is so accurate. From triumphant moments such as the title track CHAMPION or MY SHINE, to the hypnotic JEKYLL & HIDE or the vulnerable I TRIED, it's a very pure record that oscillates between heartache and heroism. 


Next to talking about some of my favorite tracks off the album, Bishop reveals why it was so hard to actually release the album, what her favorite part about collaborating with different producers and her friend K. Flay was like, and she hilariously recounts the story of gifting her sister a rather unique present... 😅


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