Interview: Hawthorne Heights

February 24, 2020

Emo veterans and Ohio-dwellers Hawthorne Heights have always been keeping it real with a DIY work ethic and a special gift to make people feel sad in the best ways possible, with a necessary hint of nostalgia. But when they released their 2018 album Bad Frequencies I was, what can only be described with the word, shooketh! I didn’t expect to love this record so much, especially after admittedly not having listened to the band for a while. And it’s not that it’s just ‘a great album’. I mean that every! single! song! is absolutely breathtaking and has this modern twist to it that I haven’t seen many bands doing successfully that are trying to stay relevant without changing their musical style too much.


So it is my great pleasure to have had the chance to have a conversation with frontman JT ahead of Hawthorne’s show supporting Silverstein at a sold out O2 Academy Islington. Not only do we talk about my (very small) selection of favorite songs off Bad Frequencies, we cover their 2019 release Lost Frequencies as well, but mostly we enthusiastically support each others views on Straight Edge and why drugs and alcohol are for losers (no offense), how they still want to collaborate with Post Malone, and how they have already won Valentine’s Day. Skip to the end for a special V-Day message! 🌹


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