Interview: Can't Swim

May 31, 2020


Granted, Covid has ruined just about everything this year, from the countless cancelled tours and festivals to the mega anticipated My Chem reunion, and, my personal biggest bummer, Avril's cancelled Euro tour, BUT a very narrow silver lining is the progress of technology which enables artists to continue making music from quarantine. Coming to you live from Chris' closet prison in Orlando, the Can't Swim vocalist walks me through the recording of their latest EP When The Dust Settles, a collection of vibey, chilled out renditions of the band's previous hits. 


Besides talking about the weirdness of the alternative genre in general and where and how the band fits in creatively, Chris reveals some information on the progress of Can't Swim's next musical project, and we exchange our favorite internet memes (Harms Way Running Man and Lil' Dickie's Lion King) before Chris gains brownie points for saying that Hamburg (technically Messed!Up's headquarters location) is his favorite city 💪⚓️🍪 Once this nonsense is over we'll be sure to buy him a proper Franzbroetchen and party at Uebel & Gefaehrlich


Check out the full interview (with a Hamburg special to come!) 👀 and keep spinning When The Dust Settles to ease your Quarantine Blues. 


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